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Did you know that liquid soaps & shampoos consist of up to 95% water? Our unique formula removes the water, and allows us to provide you with only sustainable value-adding ingredients. Our powders are infused with essential oils, vitamins, and natural extracts to treat your body and our planet in the best way possible.

How It Works

With our powder-based soap products, you'll experience a revolutionary approach to cleanliness. Simply fill your reusable dispenser with water, add powder, shake and you're ready to cleanse responsibly.

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  • -91% CO2

    We strive to minimize our footprint and become net positive

  • -99% Water

    Add water yourself and help save the planet

  • Natural ingredients

    Organic & natural ingredients that are good for you & our planet

  • Made in the EU

    Made responsibly with love at a small Italian artisan plant