Our story

Sabbia: Crafting a Cleaner, Better Tomorrow

Sabbia was born from a vision, a dream, and a relentless pursuit of a cleaner, better world. Our story began around Christmas 2021 when our founders Lukas and Tomas embarked on a journey to rewrite the narrative of sustainability in the cosmetics industry and set out to make a change.

A Journey of Discovery and Innovation

With unwavering determination, Tomas and Lukas set out to challenge the status quo. Armed with a hypothesis and a thirst for change, they embarked on a journey of discovery and innovation. Collaborating with Aarhus University, they delved into intensive research, their passion fueled by a desire to find a sustainable solution.

The Birth of Sabbia

Their journey led them to the doorstep of The Kitchen, the university's business incubator, where Sabbia took its first breath. It was here that their dream transformed into a start-up with a purpose – to create a cleaner and better world for our children by transforming the soap and detergent industry.

Impact and Recognition

As their vision took shape, Sabbia's dedication was validated with grants from industry stalwarts like Grundfos and the Danish Fund for Entrepreneurship. These milestones contributed directly to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, aligning Sabbia's mission with the global pursuit of a better, cleaner future.

Quality and Sustainability

In pursuit of excellence, Sabbia forged partnerships with renowned artisan manufacturers who shared our values of quality and sustainability. The result? Our remarkable launch product portfolio, now available on this very website.